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Lamborghini Diablo SV will be auctioned

A Lamborghini car this one got the value and essence of the history is highly viscous, i.e. the Lamborghini Diablo SV reportedly will be auctioned off in the near future.

Supercar this one had a different impression compared to other products, because the Diablo SV is one of the flagship products of the Lamborghini trademark moment was not acquired by Volkswagen in 1999.

Lamborghini Diablo SV was born in 1995, as one of the most fabulous engine supercar in his time. How not?, this car had the licence plate V12 SVR 5.7 liters with volume and boost horsepower up to touch the 530hp figures.

It should be noted that a car this one using a manual transmission, so the more reinforces the impression of the classic. Plus the time quoted from Carbuzz, this car features interior Alcantara extra elegant and very luxurious.

Lamborghini Diablo SV - Acceleration Sounds!

One of these cars will enter the auction house with a price reaching US $ 217,000 until 246,000 US $, or approximately USD 3 billion. And it is likely the price will be more considering the mileage this car's meteoric rise was in the number 32000 miles. NIH Otolovers if you want to see-see the entry site Silverstone Auction.

Audi RS Q3. The Fast Car SUV


When a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) could be sped up in kpj 0-100 time of 4.4 seconds, is quite remarkable. It is the SUV Audi RS Q3.

Engine 1.6 TSFI represents the best since 2010 bears the "International Engine of the Year" for six consecutive years, a mainstay of the Audi RS Q3.

In the latest edition this time, RS Q3 performance was further enhanced by a wonderful effort otobib reached 367 hp and 465 Nm of torque.

the five-cylinder engine with the turbo has increased by 27 hp. Top speed of an SUV is 270 km/h acceleration of seven transmissions rely on S-tronic.


Motion system four wheel or quattro became a mainstay of RS Q3 streaked across a variety of road conditions. Each vehicle is already embedded Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC).

Posture RS Q3 is indeed a little lower than the standard version. It is believed only a few 20 mm lower sport suspension, thanks to RS. While 20-inch alloy wheels dibalur color titanium and Red brake caliper.

The Audi RS Q3: Should it be an RS? XCAR

Suzuki Indonesia will bring 4 new car in 2016


Suzuki Indonesia optimistic four-wheeled divisions against Indonesia automotive market this year. Expected its market share rose to 15 percent this year from 11.9 per cent on last year. For that, Suzuki Indonesia have prepared his new models this year.

J Davy Tulian, Deputy Managing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales, says in the quarter I of this year the company will market the car in the segment mini multipurpose vehicle (MPV), i.e. Suzuki Dressa. While in the quarter II will be marketed mini sport utility vehicle (SUV), quarter III medium SUVs, and quarter IV hatchback sedan.

"A new model For this year, I could only explain it. Could not be more, "said Davy, while Suzuki's New Year Gathering Media 2016, Friday (5/2) night.

Davy said, this year's Suzuki Indonesia has new slogans IE The Year of More. That is, Suzuki will act seoptimal possible to increase sales this year. For example, the controls until the end when the customer wants to buy a car.

Then when financing car loans more strictly, then sales team must be good at finding qualified for easy customer financed the company's financing. "How we have to prepare," said Davy.

Based on the performance of the Suzuki sale 2015, Indonesia recorded 122,348 units with total market 1.03 million units. Suzuki car in the segment of low MPV, Ertiga, recorded a 14 percent market share. While in the segment of commercial vehicles, Suzuki APV and Futura pick ups, dominating the market with a share of 43 percent.

Kia will make sedan sport RWD in 2017?


According to reports from Reuters (5/2), Kia is currently considering to make a luxury sport RWD sedan in 2017.

This seems to follow in the footsteps of Hyundai who had also jumped into the luxury car Division through sub-their brands, Genesis.

Well, for Kia itself is rumored to be making luxury sport RWD sedan with the code name TSK. According to the same sources said the process of mass production will go on in may 20017 with 60000 units per year.

For the model is likely to be similar to the BMW 4 Series and the Audi A5. Combined with a slimmer design and lower.

The fact that Kia shows its desire to build a car like that seen from the concept of GT exhibited them at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Since then, rumors about the sport sedan flooded intersections, highs and lows, and timbul-tenggelam. "Whatever" ...

Now just wait for how the charm of the Kia CK 2017 it is able to attract buyers and success in the market. We look forward to it.

Tata Motor's new hatchback "Zica"


Tata Motors announced the renaming of the new hatchback that would appear at the Auto Expo 2016 (3-9/2). As for his plan named ZICA meaning "Zippy Car".

As for the name of the virus name as Zica Zika which spread by mosquitoes brought in different countries. This makes Tata Motors responsible changed its name.

The latest hatchback is planned from http://www.otobib.com/harga-yamaha-nmax.html

this Tata Motors menyasar the young and enthusiastic acclaim already.

Renaming Zica will be announced several weeks ahead.

New car Suzuki Karimun 2016:7 Passenger Wagon So this year?

It's been about two years have passed since 2013 then Suzuki Indomobil Sales post a version of the ' length ' of the Karimun Suzuki Wagon r. the harbinger are the market test to consider entry into Indonesia.

News of the presence of the Karimun Wagon R 7 passengers to Indonesia was reinforced with the launch plans in India in March this year, so just stay waiting time--at least in the second half of this year already can be found in Indonesia.


"As long as this is our market research. The result was the hell've steady lah. Wait, because there is still much that we have to consider, including the selling price. Not likely in the near future, right in India alone this one semester new marketed, "cetus Prosperous Marketing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales.

The sale price becomes essential, further Prosper, because later on this Wagon R Karimun will be also presented as a cheap car LCGC as Datsun GO + Panca. "Iya dong entered LCGC, we wants so. So the price consideration should be bener-bener, "added prosper.

Will be offered with two engine options, namely gasoline and diesel. Gasoline engine will carry the K-Series engine capacity of 1.0 liter 3 cylinder or 1.2 liter 3 cylinder. While the diesel engine capacity 800cc cylinder two DDiS. But for the diesel engine is very less likely present in Indonesia.

Further questioning when Suzuki Karimun will bring Wagon R 7 passenger this Prosperous, answer it with a joke, "just wait. We wait until the community says ' Please give Suzuki Karimun Wagon 7-passenger dong ', new deh we segerakan to go in, "joked the prosperous.

Suzuki Karimun is Wagon R passenger 7 will be the competitor Datsun GO + Panca for pitch alone. Competition are both guaranteed an exciting future. While the Datsun's got the first advantage is present, Suzuki was able to compensate for the novelty andalakan Datsun GO + Panca.