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Suzuki Indonesia will bring 4 new car in 2016


Suzuki Indonesia optimistic four-wheeled divisions against Indonesia automotive market this year. Expected its market share rose to 15 percent this year from 11.9 per cent on last year. For that, Suzuki Indonesia have prepared his new models this year.

J Davy Tulian, Deputy Managing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales, says in the quarter I of this year the company will market the car in the segment mini multipurpose vehicle (MPV), i.e. Suzuki Dressa. While in the quarter II will be marketed mini sport utility vehicle (SUV), quarter III medium SUVs, and quarter IV hatchback sedan.

"A new model For this year, I could only explain it. Could not be more, "said Davy, while Suzuki's New Year Gathering Media 2016, Friday (5/2) night.

Davy said, this year's Suzuki Indonesia has new slogans IE The Year of More. That is, Suzuki will act seoptimal possible to increase sales this year. For example, the controls until the end when the customer wants to buy a car.

Then when financing car loans more strictly, then sales team must be good at finding qualified for easy customer financed the company's financing. "How we have to prepare," said Davy.

Based on the performance of the Suzuki sale 2015, Indonesia recorded 122,348 units with total market 1.03 million units. Suzuki car in the segment of low MPV, Ertiga, recorded a 14 percent market share. While in the segment of commercial vehicles, Suzuki APV and Futura pick ups, dominating the market with a share of 43 percent.