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Kia will make sedan sport RWD in 2017?


According to reports from Reuters (5/2), Kia is currently considering to make a luxury sport RWD sedan in 2017.

This seems to follow in the footsteps of Hyundai who had also jumped into the luxury car Division through sub-their brands, Genesis.

Well, for Kia itself is rumored to be making luxury sport RWD sedan with the code name TSK. According to the same sources said the process of mass production will go on in may 20017 with 60000 units per year.

For the model is likely to be similar to the BMW 4 Series and the Audi A5. Combined with a slimmer design and lower.

The fact that Kia shows its desire to build a car like that seen from the concept of GT exhibited them at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Since then, rumors about the sport sedan flooded intersections, highs and lows, and timbul-tenggelam. "Whatever" ...

Now just wait for how the charm of the Kia CK 2017 it is able to attract buyers and success in the market. We look forward to it.