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New car Suzuki Karimun 2016:7 Passenger Wagon So this year?

It's been about two years have passed since 2013 then Suzuki Indomobil Sales post a version of the ' length ' of the Karimun Suzuki Wagon r. the harbinger are the market test to consider entry into Indonesia.

News of the presence of the Karimun Wagon R 7 passengers to Indonesia was reinforced with the launch plans in India in March this year, so just stay waiting time--at least in the second half of this year already can be found in Indonesia.


"As long as this is our market research. The result was the hell've steady lah. Wait, because there is still much that we have to consider, including the selling price. Not likely in the near future, right in India alone this one semester new marketed, "cetus Prosperous Marketing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales.

The sale price becomes essential, further Prosper, because later on this Wagon R Karimun will be also presented as a cheap car LCGC as Datsun GO + Panca. "Iya dong entered LCGC, we wants so. So the price consideration should be bener-bener, "added prosper.

Will be offered with two engine options, namely gasoline and diesel. Gasoline engine will carry the K-Series engine capacity of 1.0 liter 3 cylinder or 1.2 liter 3 cylinder. While the diesel engine capacity 800cc cylinder two DDiS. But for the diesel engine is very less likely present in Indonesia.

Further questioning when Suzuki Karimun will bring Wagon R 7 passenger this Prosperous, answer it with a joke, "just wait. We wait until the community says ' Please give Suzuki Karimun Wagon 7-passenger dong ', new deh we segerakan to go in, "joked the prosperous.

Suzuki Karimun is Wagon R passenger 7 will be the competitor Datsun GO + Panca for pitch alone. Competition are both guaranteed an exciting future. While the Datsun's got the first advantage is present, Suzuki was able to compensate for the novelty andalakan Datsun GO + Panca.